Best Practices for Sustainability in Print




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“Each of you can have an enormous impact on our environment – either for the betterment or detriment. This program will help you lay out an action plan to make a difference. With the gift of this knowledge also comes the honor of responsibility. You may not be able to change everything at once, but you must change some things. Even if all of us only contribute small changes, we can manifest a significant difference in the quality of our lives and future generations. When you specify and buy print in a sustainable way, you really do have a major positive impact on our planet.

Suzanne Morgan, CEO and Founder, PCPI

BPSP Certification Program Fees: $425 USD. Register here for the Best Practices for Sustainability in Print Certification Course: BPSP Registration Form



The issue of sustainability has become an urgent topic for many organizations over the past decade. PCPI is committed to supporting print media in a way that helps organizations buy print in a socially responsible manner. Whether you are far down the environmental path or just getting started, this certification will help you make the right choices for your company.

We are pleased to release this 300-page plus robust tool kit and study guide with a focus on the best practices for sustainability in print which includes over 100 pages of case studies from major buying organizations. This program will help you create print projects that are more sustainable while making the right choices for your company. If your company has environmental policies in place, this is the perfect resource to help you be accountable within your organization.

This advice is geared primarily to major print buyers and marketers, but it is also a valuable educational tool for print suppliers, who are more and more frequently asked to partner with their clients on sustainability programs.

It’s important to clarify that this Best Practices for Sustainability in Print certification is different from the other certifications that you’ll learn about in the guidebook and hear about in the industry. Our certification program certifies individuals on a level of knowledge about the environmental issues that impact the environment. We do not certify printers or buying organizations on certifications such as chain-of-custody with paper production.

Best Practices for Sustainability in Print is chock full of resources to help you effectively:

  • encourage sustainable print practices within your company
  • set standards for your print suppliers
  • rate how “green” your print projects and suppliers are


Self-Study Course

  • Course materials: You will receive PDFs of the study guide, learning resources and pass/fail test
  • Register here for the Best Practices for Sustainability in Print Certification Course: BPSP Registration Form

PCPI Certification Program Fees: $425 USD.

We are happy to extend special pricing for group purchases. Companies who have purchased our programs for one or more participants come back time and time again to certify additional participants. This is a solid, highly-rated course that we are proud to offer. To inquire about special offers, please send an email to founder, Suzanne Morgan at


Table of Contents: 

Purchasing Sustainable Print Projects

  • Our Research on Print Buyers and their Suppliers – plus, the fast-growing trends towards sustainability
  • Code of Ethics – reasonable, but an effective plan for print buyers and their companies
  • Terminology
  • In-depth Perspectives:
    • Environmental Responsibility for the Paper and Printing Industries by Derek Smith
    • “Greenwashing” vs. Making a True Difference by Greenpeace
    • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): Leading Forest Conservation and Market Transformation
    • Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI): A Bold Approach to Sustainable Forest Management

Case Studies that give specific and actionable plans from major buying companies including:

  • Starbucks
  • Consumer Reports
  • New World Library
  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Harvard University Press
  • Office Depot
  • Temple University
  • Dell Corporation

 Getting Started

 What is Sustainability?

  • Creating Standards for Your Print Suppliers
  • Paper Technology and Sustainability
  • Ink Technology and Sustainability
  • Coatings, Laminates and Adhesives
  • Designing, Specifying and Buying Sustainable Print Projects
  • Creating a List of Standards for Your Company
  • “How to Green Your Copy Paper”

 Tool Kit

  • How to Use our Tool Kit
  • “How Green is Your Print Project?” – Rate your print projects for sustainability
  • “How Green is Your Print Supplier?” – Rate your printers as an environmental partner
  • The WWF Guide to Buying Paper
  • The WWF Paper Scorecard Manual
  • FSC Fact Sheet 1 – Logo design rules and regulations
  • FSC Fact Sheet 2 – How to pick the correct FSC logo
  • FSC Fact Sheet 3 – Sample FSC logo placement guide
  • Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products

“Best Practices for Sustainability in Print” Exam

Resources and Print Samples

Register here for the Best Practices for Sustainability in Print Certification Course: BPSP Registration Form

 Upon Successful Completion of Certification:

  • Upon receipt of a “pass” test result notification, you will also receive a PDF of your awards certificate (which you can print and frame) attesting that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements awarding you a Best Practices for Sustainability in Print Certification from PCPI.  A score of 80% or higher results in certification.
  • Tests are normally graded within 7 days of receipt, but please allow up to 2 weeks particularly during the holidays.
  • In addition upon passing, we will send you our customizable letter and press release templates announcing that you have been awarded this certification. The personalized letter and press release to promote your certification may be shared with your employer, peers, business associates, clients, friends and family.
  • PCPI also encourages the use of the BPSP designation following your name on business correspondence such as business cards and stationery to signify your certification.


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