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  • Sale Price $385 (normally $550). Please note you will receive PDFs of the Professional Print Production Certification, certification test, and, upon completion, a PDF of your awards certificate. 
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Register for the Professional Print Production Certification program here: PPPC Registration Form


PCPI Certification Program Fees: $550 USD. 

This is the most important and fundamental course in our certification series. If you only were to get one certification, this would be it. The certification is mainly designed for an individual who has worked in the print production or communications field for two years or less. However, this program is also highly recommended for seasoned print buyers seeking recognition of competency through completion of this core certification in print buying. Virtually anyone who has responsibility for purchasing over $100,000 a year in print will highly benefit from this certification.

The Professional Print Production Certification includes PDFs of 280 page printed study guide, test and upon completion, the awards certificate*; all test questions are derived from these materials. The test is open-book. The questions are a combination of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and essay. The test should be completed within one year of program purchase.

Please submit the test to both Suzanne Morgan by email at and Nick Alioto at Note: We no longer accept tests via fax.

* All materials (study guide, test and awards certificate) are now sent by PDFs via email only.

PCPI Certification Program Fees: $550 USD.

Register for the Professional Print Production Certification program here: PPPC Registration Form

We are happy to extend special pricing for group purchases. Companies who have purchased our programs for one or more participants come back time and time again to certify additional participants. This is a solid, highly-rated course that we are proud to offer. To inquire about special offers, please send an email to founder, Suzanne Morgan at


Self-Study Course

  • Course materials: PDFs of study guide, pass/fail test (and also PDF of awards certificate upon completion)
  • Prerequisite: The Professional Print Production Certification is a suggested prerequisite for the Advanced Print Production Certification.
  • Register for the Professional Print Production Certification program here: PPPC Registration Form


This certification is aimed primarily at novice to mid-level print buyers, although seasoned buyers will also greatly benefit from the education, as most print buyers have never received formal training.* PCPI has developed this highly focused certification to help you make the best, most cost-effective decisions when buying printing services. You’ll learn how to match your print buying needs with the right solution provider to ensure that the finished product meets all your expectations. We’ll show you how to plan and communicate effectively with your printer to avoid rework, missed deadlines, unexpected costs and disappointing results, and how to achieve high-quality results the first time around. We’ll also teach you the fundamentals of print technology, but in a way that’s meaningful and effective for print buyers and marketing communications professionals.

* The completion of PcPI’s Professional Print Production Certification is a suggested prerequisite for the Advanced Print Production Certification.

Table of Contents

The Business of Effectively Buying Printing

  • Qualifications/Functions of the Print Buyer
  • Evaluating a Supplier’s Capabilities
  • Interviewing Print & Graphic Suppliers
  • What to Look For In a Plant Tour
  • Communicating Specifications & Expectations to Your Printer
  • Bidding Print Projects
  • Creating Request for Information and Request for Proposals
  • How Printers Estimate Your Jobs
  • Pricing Tips
  • Calculating Production Quantities
  • Communication Tools
  • Getting an Accurate Invoice
  • Managing Your Suppliers
  • Developing Print Standards
  • Post Production Reviews
  • Business Review Meetings
  • Partnering with Your Printer
  • Negotiating with Your Printer
  • Getting the Most From Your Printers
  • Accepting Gifts from Suppliers
  • Opportunities for Cost Savings
  • How to Evaluate Design & Creative Work
  • Advancing Your Career

Everything You Need to Know About Print Technologies to Buy Printing Effectively

Color & Ink Technology

  • Color Overview
  • RGB vs. CMYK
  • How to Communicate Color
  • Color Q&As & Tips
  • Ink Overview
  • Ink Options
  • Ink Resources
  • Ink Q&As & Tips
  • Coating Options

Paper Technology

  • Main Considerations
  • Paper Classifications
  • Paper Properties
  • Paper Types
  • Why Paper Grain is Important
  • Selecting Paper: Environmentally Sound Choices
  • Should You Buy Paper Direct?
  • Paper Q&As & Tips


  • Rasters, Vectors, and RIPs
  • PDF
  • JDF
  • Computer-to-Plate Technology


  • Major Printing Methods
  • Printing Terminology
  • Sheetfed vs. Web Printing
  • Press Tips
  • Keeping Up with Technology
  • Printing Problems to Avoid

Post Press

  • Folding Options
  • Binding Options
  • Special Printing & Finishing Processes


  • Function of Proofs
  • Printing Proofs
  • Selecting the Right Proof
  • Proofing Checklist
  • How to Do a Press Inspection
  • Proofing Q&As and Tips

Upon Successful Completion of Certification Test:

  • Upon receipt of a “pass” test result notification, you will also receive a PDF awards certificate (that you can print and frame) attesting that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements awarding you a Professional Print Production Certification from PCPI.  A score of 80% or higher results in certification.
  • Tests are normally graded within 7 days of receipt, but please allow up to 2 weeks particularly during the holidays.
  • In addition upon passing, we will send you our customizable letter and press release templates announcing that you have been awarded this certification. The personalized letter and press release to promote your certification may be shared with your employer, peers, business associates, clients, friends and family.
  • Register for the Professional Print Production Certification program here: PPPC Registration Form


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