We are confident that our certification courses are a wise investment in your professional development.  But, don’t take our word for it.  Read all the buzz from your peers below:

“I thought the PCPI certification course was fabulous! And, the handbook is one of the most well written, comprehensive, up-to-date resources I’ve seen on the subject.” –  Julie Ogletree, Business Development Senior Sales Representative, Sappi Fine Paper North America


“The certification program is exactly what I needed to feel like a pro — learning the print process and the jargon so that I could speak intelligently with my vendors.” –  Kristyne Wyzgoski, Sourcing Specialist, BIG Communications


“Recognition of industry-specific knowledge and expertise is the goal for which we all strive. PCPI certification is the validation I hold over, above and beyond my industry peers. Co-workers, vendors, customers, competitors — all look to me when they need answers because they consider me the expert. PCPI certification has fulfilled a key role in my career growth.” –  Werner Hildebrand, Production Services Manager, Cenveo


“I joined PCPI to get in on the certification process. The information given was very thorough and helpful to my job. I like having the information on hand to refer back to. Thanks PCPI.” –  Monica Davis, Print Production Assistant, TTi


“I thought the training course was well worth the time and money spent, and would recommend it to any colleague in the field or considering print buying.” –  Robert Burnette, Print Coordinator, Corporate Design Group, National Instruments 


 “When I first signed up for the program, I was anxious to see what the course would offer.  Having been in this industry – inside and out – both sides of the fence for over 30 years, I was planning to evaluate the information before committing to it wholeheartedly. I was impressed with what I saw and satisfied that even I would benefit from completing the course.” –  Stephanie Risvold, Production Manager, MarkeTeam, Inc.


 “I have truly benefited from the insightful education through the certification study guide.” –  Juan Peasant, President, PM Group, Inc.


“The Professional Print Production Certification that I took was very helpful for me in that I came from a very technical side with limited production background. This certification gave some great background information in the processes used by print buyers after receiving the creative as they prepare the project to go to print.” –  Heather Savage, Senior Production Manager, ThePressCheckPeople.com


“I not only gained valuable information but it was a wonderful networking experience. Our workdays are so busy that it is difficult to find the time to talk with people in the business.” –  Linda Cusano, Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Department, Mohegan Sun


“I have found your program a great help not only as a valuable detailed overview of the print industry, but confirming that the methods I use to buy print (Quote sheet, printer relationships etc…) are a standard in the industry.” –  David Moore, Bible League Asia Administrative Director, Bible League


“The Professional Print Production Certification was extremely valuable to me.” –  Mary Ann Fong, Assistant Director/Creative Services, Temple University

“I thought the PCPI certification program was a great review/info/update to make sure I was on the right track with my knowledge.” –  Kim Kailey, Sr. Print Buyer, Boy Scouts of America


“I found your certification program to be very beneficial and I would be happy to serve as a reference for your organization.” –  Tanya M. Rotolo, PPP, Sales Representative, Concord Litho
“In the fall of 2007 I earned my Print Production Professional certification through PCPI.org. From this certification course, I gained a strong technical understanding of the printing process. In addition, this designation has allowed me to elevate the importance of my role within my organization and demonstrate that I truly am a Print Production Professional. As a result of this certification, I am thrilled to share with you that I was promoted in February!
Mary Lou Schaefer, PPP, Production Specialist, The Co-operators General Insurance Company


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