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Why Become Certified? Why did PCPI create these professional certification programs?

Today, professional certification is available for almost every industry in the US. Nursing, accountancy, information technology training, aerobic instructing and engineering barely scratch the surface of the wide range of professions that offer voluntary certifications. PCPI recognized the lack of definitive standards of education designed specifically for print buyer professionals. PCPI has addressed this deficiency through the development of our certified training programs geared directly to major print media buyers and specifiers.


What are the benefits of PCPI Professional Certification?

At an individual level, there are many reasons to seek professional certification!

  • recognition of competency
  • influence job advancement
  • shows commitment to the profession
  • achievement of a career goal
  • credentials beneficial to performing his/her job
  • professional development/continuous improvement

Certification also provides a means to obtain timely and relevant information regarding issues and latest technologies which impact our industry. A certified professional distinguishes themselves as an individual who has attained a qualifying level of competency through the pursuit of education from those that have not.

At an industry level, PCPI is committed to the advancement of our profession by fostering a broader recognition of print buyer professionals as experienced and well-educated individuals.


Will your company recognize certification?

PCPI has developed communications to promote the recognition of certification within the industry by encouraging its members to develop a policy within their companies for supporting professional certification below. Certification helps employers evaluate potential new hires, analyze job performance and motivate employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. More specifically, our programs teach participants to work with their suppliers more efficiently and ultimately save buying companies time and money through better return on investment (ROI) with their print campaigns. Like the decision to become certified, the methods individual companies may choose to formally recognize a PCPI certification status is a decision that each company will make.